Will Crypto Currency Ever be a Payment Option for Collection Agencies

Bitcoin has been a greatly discussed topic for many reasons. It is a unique currency and many people have debated back and forth about the future it has in one way or another. Many people consider it a threat to

Progression of Payments: From Cash to Blockchain

Payment options have been getting more and more refined as time has been going on. People want increased convenience and better methods that keep their wallets physically lighter but better for the purchasing power they hold. Plastic money is considered

How A Younger Generation Is Making Payments

Payment methods are now going more and more towards turning away from cash. A major part of the reason that this is happening is because paper money has lost any appeal to individuals in terms of convenience and appeal in

10 Ways To Be More PCI Compliant

Firstly, lets discuss what exactly is PCI compliance and what it entails. PCI or a payment card industry is a defined set of standards as well as rules that help to protect data related to your credit cards and are

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